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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) described TDF as a high Btu-value fuel with lower emissions, including lower greenhouse gas emissions, than comparable traditional fuels, in a 2009 Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. 


Typical industrial applications of pyrolysis oil as a fuel to generate and power:

* Boilers
* Furnaces
(1) Pyrolysis oil combustion in a boiler or furnace for heat is the most simple and straightforward application. 
(2) Pyrolysis oil can replace both heavy and light fuel oils in industrial boiler applications. 
(3) Pyrolysis oil co-combustion in an industrial, natural gas-fired power plant has been successfully demonstrated.
* Hot Water Generators
* Hot Air Generators
* Thermic Fluid Heater

With additional equipment – the Tire Derived Fuel oil can be further processed to give an diesel and gasoline equivalent oil, which can be used in :
* Electric Generators (mixed with 50% diesel)
* Diesel Pumps (mixed with 50% diesel)

Benefits of using tires as fuel:

(1) Use of tire derived fuel (TDF) reduces the amount of fossil fuels that would otherwise be consumed.
(2) TDF is less expensive than fossil fuels.
(3) It is a renewable and locally produced from organic waste.
(4) It can be stored and transported similarly to petroleum-based products.
(5) It is greenhouse gas neutral and can generate carbon dioxide credits. 
(6) It generates lower NOx emissions than light fuel oil in gas turbines and diesel fuel in stationary diesel engines.

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